Project-U-Turn School Programs

Project-U-Turn's offers programs for students during school and after-school. We have customized programming based on a needs assessment conducted by our organization and the school administrator. The needs assessment allows our offices to develop a program to meet the concerns for a better school environment. 

Based upon the school's budget we will determine the length of the program, which can be a one-time workshop or assembly to a year round program. Over the years, Project-U-Turn has provided the following:
  • 8 Week (during school) Teen Pregnancy Prevention program in collaboration with Councilman James Tate Pregnancy Prevention Initiative at Detroit Institute of Arts (all girls school) in Detroit, Michigan.
  • 2 yr. 12 Week (after-school) program bringing RubyGirl & It's-N-The Male programs to Ben Ross Public School Academy in Warren, Michigan.
  • 4 Week (during school) male empowerment initiative program in collaboration with Councilman James Tate at Frederick Douglas All Male Academy.
  • HIV/AIDS workshop for 9th grade girls at Pershing High School in Detroit, Michigan.
  • RubyGirl Workshop for 9th grade girls at Cody 9th Grade Academy in Detroit, Michigan.

Our youth are in desperate need of guidance and truth in a language they understand. Consider allowing Project-U-Turn to provide these services to reinforce the work the schools, teachers, parents, and the community are doing. Contact us today.


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