RubyGirl is a program for girls ages 13-18 that was established in 2005 out of the need for girls to understand their self-worth and demand respect from their peers and male counterparts. Michelle “Sonnie” Day is the Founder & Director of the program. (To learn more about the Founder see Staff page).

RubyGirl has serviced over 2400 plus girls in schools, juvenile centers, churches, and community organizations. Many of the graduating girls in our program has pursued higher education. 

Our Vision: 
To institute the program in schools, churches, juvenile centers, and community organizations, throughout the country. To develop a nationwide movement of young ladies who exemplify F.I.N.E.S.S.E.



Feminity: “Just Be A Girl”
I-Inheritance: “Leave A Legacy”
N-Neatness: “I Got it Together”
E-Excellence: “Everything I Do is Superb”
S-Speak Life: “I speak positive”
S-Servitude: “May I Take Your Order”
E-Education: “Power In Knowing”

Our Mission: 


RubyGirl’s overall mission is to transform girls into ladies and express to them the delight of being a WOMAN through utilizing educational, recreational, and entertaining events.

Our Program:


The RubyGirl program offers workshops which involves activities and projects that are geared toward the 3 P’s: personal, professional, prevention awareness specifically for teen girls. Our workshops titles are catchy to enforce the focus of the material. Our program and workshops are available for after-school programs, assemblies, small groups, conferences, retreats, and more.

Workshops (19 +)
Loving Myself, Fashionista, Sex, Music & Media, Relationships, High School & College Preparation, Dinner Etiquette, Drugs & Alcohol, Bullying, Teen Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Job Skills, etc...