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Do you think it is necessary for boys to have an adult male mentor?

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INTM is a program for boys ages 11-16 was founded by Program Director, Mr. Charleston Day in 2009, after parents continuously asked where is the program for the boys.

INTM has serviced over 1400 plus boys in schools, juvenile detention centers, churches, and community and sports organizations. (To learn more about Mr. Day see Founders page)

This age group is targeted because during this time of puberty, self-discovery, transitions in middle school and high school can be a difficult time for a young man. Our program offer workshops designed to impart what we call the “P.I.A. Factor” (Power, Integrity, Authority) which often has been misinterpreted and stripped away from so many young men. 

Our workshops titles are catchy to enforce the focus of the material.

All workshops deal with 8 core topics with in-depth learning to assure principles are learned: Contact us for details. 

  • Man 101
  • Remote Control
  • Bangin Beats                          
  • The Sell, The Cell, & The High
  • Gender Understanding
  • P.I.M.P. 
  • Girlfriend
  • Get Rich or Die Trying

Our program and workshops are available for after-school programs, assemblies, small groups, conferences, retreats, juvenile and youth prison facilities and more.

It's-N-The Male offers a summer basketball program to boys ages 11-18. The boys play in a 10 week summer basketball league and the PRIMARY purpose of the sports program is to teach character and team-building skills.

Our summer basketball team is called the "PUT Gators", our high school team won their 1st Championship in 2013. And our middle school team won 2 Championships in 2015 & 2016.