Our Story

Project-U-Turn (PUT) is a 501c3 Non-profit Organization that  was established in 2002 and founded by Dr. Mitchell C. Welch for the purpose of helping citizens of Metro Detroit. Over the years Project-U-Turn has hosted Safe Initiatives during Angel's Night & Halloween for the youth in the community. Project-U-Turn were given 2 houses by the State of Michigan to rehabilitate and develop programming for the citizens of Detroit. Through this effort, Tabitha's House was birthed, a home for ex-substance abusers, which existed for several years until arsonist demolished all our hard work. Thus causing us to discontinue this program.

Our youth programs continued during this time, it was our focal point of the vision. PUT offers two programs for youth K-12th grade focusing on character education and prevention awareness.  Currently, we are offering our programs in schools, for retreats and conferences, juvenile facilities and community centers.

Our weekend programs are held annually and ran during the school year from September-May, with a ONE time registration held in August. If you miss the annual Orientation and Registration, you must wait until the following year.  (THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

The programs can be implemented in schools, churches, communities, and juvenile centers. Our programs are offered during school, after-school, weekends, and can be hosted during retreats, conferences, and customize to fit your organization. 

Our staff has over 20 plus years of combined experience working in the fields of education, human resources, public relations, social work, health, youth services, prevention, organizational development, and criminal justice. Our staff has obtained higher education degrees from an Associates Degree to a Masters Degree. Our staff are available to serve on panels, speak, facilitate, and host events centered around Project-U-Turn’s mission.

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